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Adele’s 20th Album Is A Romantic Album

Adele’s 20th Album Is A Romantic Album

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Adele is no stranger to making albums that capture the hearts of devoted but fickle fans. Her first album, 21, was an emotional and often raunchy affair that showcased her vocal talents and musical skills. Her most recent album, 25, was a similarly emotional set that dealt with her heartbreak and the passing of her mother. For 25, she released an album of covers that was met with positive reviews, and then made good on the promise of bringing the songs she loved to life in a way she hadn’t done before. Sadly, 25 was not a return to form, and 25 has been a disappointment to fans of Adele and a huge success for her record label.

In many ways, Adele is like the best character in a rom-com, one that is not quite as sexy as she should be but is charming and endearing nonetheless. She is, in most ways, the perfect actress: she is kind, supportive and relatable as she works hard to get the job done. She is also a little wild and reckless at times. She knows when to be coy and when to be upfront and forthright, and she often manages to do both with the same ease.

As was the case on 25, Adele’s latest album, 20, is a bit of a rollercoaster. It is a collection of songs that speak of the highs of love and the lows of heartbreak, while also delivering sweet, catchy melodies and dance-oriented beats. Adele’s voice is a clear standout on every song, while her lyrics tell stories of her love and heartbreak.

We spoke with Adele about her love story with the pop star Justin Timberlake, the highs and lows of pop fame, and her thoughts on the state of the music industry and music consumers in general.

The verdict: Adele is definitely a romantic, yet she’s not your typical romantic. She tells stories of her love with Justin Timberlake, her life post-breakup, and the highs and lows of being a pop superstar. She is a total breath of fresh air to pop and electronica music fans, and she’s definitely one of our favorites on the new album.

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