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Disney California Adventure Opens Toy Story Land

Disney California Adventure Opens Toy Story Land

Disney California Adventure to bring back festivals, Soarin’ Over California ride in 2023

It’s a rare sight to see Disney California Adventure up and running, but the park is at a key time in its history when it’s about to embark on a series of important changes. Disneyland is expected to close in 2023, the ride is set to shut down before then and the park will undergo a multimillion-dollar transformation that will see the introduction of a new Downtown Disney attraction. Those are just some of the changes occurring right now at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

Disney began the week with its “Make It New” event in which Imagineers worked to refresh the look and feel of the park. The highlight was the opening of Toy Story Land, a land filled with interactive Toy Story adventures. Here’s a look at what went down at the event:

The new look

Toy Story Land is the first significant addition to the Downtown Disney area, a project that began earlier this year with the announcement that Walt Disney Imagineering, a division of Disney Parks and Resorts, was developing two separate expansion plans for Disneyland.

The first is a land called Disney California Adventure. When it opens in 2023, Disney California Adventure will expand beyond its current footprint and include an expansion of the Tomorrowland and Frontierland areas to become the first new land on the second floor, as well as a new land called California Adventure.

When asked about the change, Disneyland president Michael Colgan said, “It is a significant new component of Disney California Adventure with its new look, feel and new attractions.”

Toy Story Land will include experiences for kids that are more interactive, such as the new Storybook Circus, a new show with shows nightly, and also is expected to feature the new attraction in California Adventure called Soarin’.

On a more serious note, when asked about the future of the ride, Colgan said the ride will be shut down in May 2020 and then will be converted into a digital experience.

A look inside Toy Story Land

The Toy Story Land show is the first time you’ll see Toy

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