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Rafael Mestre: A Young Man Who Wants to Live the Life He Wants

Rafael Mestre: A Young Man Who Wants to Live the Life He Wants

In Venice, a Young Boatman Steers a Course of His Own

A man and a woman in the middle of their own life story.

By Richard Behar

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Rafael Mestre was a young boy in Italy when his father was killed by a man who was accused of murdering his father. He was just 6 years old.

Today, he’s a young man. But he isn’t any different from the boy he was when he lost his father. He’s a young man with a strong will and a clear vision of himself and the type of life he wants to live.

It’s not easy to live the life he wanted. At least, it wasn’t until recently. Since the day he was born in Venice, Rafael has been on a journey of self discovery.

He grew up in a big family in a small town with his mother, an English teacher, and older brother. He loved to swim in the sea and play soccer in the city’s parks. But he didn’t feel at home.

“I had a feeling that something wasn’t right with my family,” he says. He decided he needed to make some changes.

The boy who was born to grow up

At first glance, Rafael is a typical high school student. He has a job at a factory and he goes to school to study journalism and psychology. His mom is the family breadwinner.

His older brother is a teenager. They both live in a small apartment with their mother.

His best friend is his mother’s boyfriend, who is a man who lives in another city. He’s away at the moment but will be back in July.

Rafael grew up with his mother’s boyfriend in an apartment they share.

But life isn’t easy for Rafael. Sometimes he feels like an outsider, but it’s not always a bad feeling. There’s the good part of it as well: when he feels lonely, he needs a friend to talk to.

Rafael’s mother’s relationship with her boyfriend isn’t always easy and is often in conflict. Rafael can see that his mom is happy in her relationship with the man, but she’s not completely committed to it. That’s a point he’s learned to look for

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