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The father of a girl who died in a Mexican nightclub says he did not see a fight or hear gunshots

The father of a girl who died in a Mexican nightclub says he did not see a fight or hear gunshots

Gunmen kill 12 people in Mexico bar shooting; 6-year-old girl dies

The father of a six-year-old girl who died in a shooting Thursday afternoon in a Mexican nightclub has said that his daughter and several other bystanders were shot after the sound of gunshots went out. He said the gunfire was not fired by drug cartels.

In a news conference Friday, the father, Javier Lopez, said he had never heard of drugs or any other kind of violence being so prevalent in Mexico. He said his family had never been victims, either of crime or poverty.


Lopez said he believed the shooting occurred after a fight between two people who happened to be wearing club clothes.

He said he believed the sound of gunshots went out because someone threw a drink because “they had drunk their liquor,” and that the shots were fired by someone on the outside of the club.

Lopez said his daughter, Ana, and another girl, 12-year-old Olivia, were at the club. The two girls played around with one of the men in the club, who Lopez said appeared to be a nightclub bouncer.

The father said the father of the victim told him he had been at the club for a couple of hours and did not see a fight or hear gunshots.

“I saw the police at the scene, taking evidence,” he said. “I went to the hospital and met with the doctors. … The boy’s mother, a teacher, I saw her. She was with her husband. I met with her.”

Lopez said relatives of the victim were calling hospitals to tell them people were in the hospital after the shooting.

“It was a horrible experience,” Lopez said.

Lopez said the men who were arrested have not been identified, but that they are from Michoacan and that their names are in police records. He said he was told the men were working for someone. “They were taking the money,” he said.

Lopez said family members of the men arrested have gone to the police and demanded to know why they were arrested. “I’m working with lawyers on the lawyer fees,” he said.

The father said he heard that the suspects have confessed to robbing the club and of being paid, but

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