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The FIFA World Cup Finale: The Three Female Brazilian Footballers

The FIFA World Cup Finale: The Three Female Brazilian Footballers

Banana thrown at Brazilian players in soccer friendly in Paris

After having their footballing career end abruptly after the final match of the 2014 Asian Games, three female Brazilian footballers, Marta in China, Mariette Leite in France and Yara in the Philippines, decided to travel to France to play their final match abroad. However, their mission to get to Paris – and thus Europe – became a very difficult one as they were barred from entering the country and had to travel to Brussels.

What occurred when they played in the Paris venue was nothing short of a horror show. But, before that, the three female football players were part of a soccer tournament held in Paris that had both male and female team from different countries competing.

The tournament was for the 2013 FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup which was hosted by France. The competition was held between 17-24 Jan 2013 at the Stade Rennais in Paris.

The Brazil Women’s National Football Team (CONMEBOL) took on Singapore, Korea Republic, China, Thailand, Iran and Vietnam in the final match. However, two of the female Brazilians, Marta and Mariette Leite, became embroiled in the controversy that overshadowed the tournament once they appeared as a substitute in the final against Iran.

The final match was held in the iconic Stade de France where the Brazilians had to face the defending champion Korea Republic in the final.

“We became the target of many threats and received several threats of destruction of the stadiums,” said Mariette Leite. “I experienced a lot physically and mentally and I am happy to have won the respect of all the people in the stadium.”

The FIFA World Cup is considered as a competition between countries and is one of the most famous competitions that take place each year.

The tournament has an average of 70,000 viewers per game which make

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