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The Future of the Movie Industry

The Future of the Movie Industry

Why these top agents are optimistic about the future of movies

As Hollywood continues to be flooded with mediocre films, many critics and producers have argued that Hollywood is losing, and the days of big blockbusters are gone. Instead, films are becoming smaller and more niche. But that’s not all. Movies are also being remade more frequently and there are fewer high quality original movies being made. Why are some agents optimistic about the future of the movie industry?

While the film industry is struggling with the current state of affairs, many agents are still upbeat for the future.

In a recent interview with The Independent, Brie Larson, the star and co-writer of “Room” and other films, spoke to the future of the film industry. She said,

“I think every agent would agree that the movie business is in decline… we see blockbusters every year. There’s a lot of movies that have been out for 20 years that they made a lot of money doing so that people are going to go see again and again and the box office doesn’t even show you it.”

Larson also talked about how a film that is bad will be bad more than a good one.

“You’re going to make a movie that nobody wants to see,” said Larson, adding, “It’s that point in the movie when you turn it off. What’s the point in watching it if they’re not going to watch it? When you look at a movie that isn’t doing well, it’s that ‘Let’s make [a sequel].’ That’s the point.”

“I don’t think it’s going to go down for the next few years,” said Larson.

Another agent, Peter Goldwyn, said that for every bad film, there will be a dozen good ones coming. Goldwyn continued,

“The number of blockbusters, or boxoffice hits, that have been created in the last 15-20 years would be

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