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The Journey of a New Student

The Journey of a New Student

‘Targeted’ Killings and No Arrest Bring Fear to University of Idaho

In late February, I was on a plane to Seattle to visit friends and meet up with a new friend, Adam Stemple. Adam was just starting his freshman year at the University of Idaho. He was a sophomore studying philosophy and an all-state basketball power forward on the men’s basketball team.

I knew of Adam, and I was excited to have him in Seattle as my friend. I was excited for him to begin his college experience.

I had spent the summer prior to the trip traveling on a bus from Portland to Southern California. I had met up with Adam and his family in Berkeley for an end-of-summer family barbecue. We would meet up for a visit with his family in Northern California the next day and then head back to the west coast. My first day in Seattle, I met up with Adam and his family and we went to dinner at a sushi place.

At the time I met Adam, he was studying for his philosophy B.A. He was a basketball player and he played in the men’s team. He was a very nice guy. I knew his family was from Eugene and they were friendly, and I had been a basketball player in my own family.

I spent the next few days visiting with Adam, going to his apartment and eating his food.

Once Adam graduated from college, he was ready for what the future held for him. I was planning to visit him as well, but had to rearrange everything when work came in. I had to cancel the time.

Adam had never met my wife, who was pregnant with our second child. When I found out about his plans to attend the University of Idaho, I was nervous.

I had been to school in the past and I had heard about the school. I didn’t know what other students were like, so I was a little nervous.

I was on a tight schedule and I got stuck in traffic in the rain on my way to Seattle. I was in a bit of a hurry to get to the office and I knew I didn’t have much time to

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