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The Proud Boys Men’s Argument with Dan Cox

The Proud Boys Men’s Argument with Dan Cox

The Proud Boys Presented Dan Cox With a Gift. Now, He Says He Didn’t Keep It.

Dan Cox’s former publicist was in the middle of an argument over whether to give him a gift, as he’d asked, when a man named David DeCicco walked in. DeCicco was wearing a T-shirt with a picture of Cox from his Wikipedia page.

“You work for Dan Cox?” he asked Cox.

“You know Dan Cox?” another member of the Proud Boys who had been part of the group that Cox had belonged to said to DeCicco.

“Well, we have been meeting with him for two years,” DeCicco said.

The men said they had tried to get in touch with Cox many times, but Cox had no interest in discussing his personal life with them.

“You should have let us have a drink with him,” the Proud Boys man, who was at the time a member of the Hells Angels, said to DeCicco, referring to the members’ group.

“I’m not a member of Hells Angels and he wasn’t asking for our membership number,” DeCicco replied.

The men tried again, asking to meet with Cox at an undisclosed location. They were warned by DeCicco that they could not afford any of the group’s memberships, that they were just trying to find out for the hells angels.

“I’m the only one who makes any money,” Cox told them. “Get the hells angels out of my way.”

“You shouldn’t have asked if you could meet with us,” an older Hells Angel said to Cox. “This is all

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