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The Secret Wedding of Naomi Biden

The Secret Wedding of Naomi Biden

What We Know About Naomi Biden’s White House Wedding

Naomi Biden had a quiet wedding ceremony at her family’s home in Wilmington. The groom’s parents are in agreement: The wedding was a secret. But then, they could say that. It was held under the cover of darkness (and secrecy) and amid the tension of an already historic event. The guests were told that “we won’t know much about what happened in the ceremony until much later.”

This sounds like a good plan, right? The ceremony was to take place without anyone knowing anything about it. Everyone was supposed to focus on the beauty, the love, the promise and the future. That’s how it’s supposed to work, right? But this wasn’t a secret. The news was out and everyone knew what was going on, just in a very quiet way.

But then something happened. The media, as promised, knew how the bridal party had traveled from their home state of Iowa to attend the event. The media also revealed that while the Biden family was in the air, a flight had left New Jersey, and landed in Wilmington, Delaware. (Who knew that the flights were really out of New Jersey?)

The media reported that, as the plane took off, the groom and his wife stepped out and took pictures with family and friends. It was an ordinary but beautiful photo-op—and very nice that the groom chose to take a couple of photos.

The media knew that there would be cameras on the plane, and that the flight attendants were keeping a close eye on the couple. But they did not know who they were, or what had happened during the flight. (Again, who knew that? The flight crews? Their security detail? Their wives? The flight attendants—for there was no one who had any idea that the couple was, in fact, that pair of happy newlyweds?)

What we do know is how the two left Wilmington’s airport, and where they went in the days that followed. But that’s the interesting part. The couple took a car to a nearby beach—and then another to a nearby casino.

The media reported that the couple spent $40,000 on a wedding gift for each of their friends and family. How ironic of them to spend a fortune on their friends—then throw them away!

The couple and

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