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Why Should Women Be able to Ejaculate Respectfully?

Why Should Women Be able to Ejaculate Respectfully?

Letters to the Editor: What ‘Ejaculate Responsibly’ should look like for men post-Roe

It is heartening to see men coming to the defense of pre-Roe women, but their voices often are drowned out by more aggressive voices from some pro-choice (or pro-life) extremists, such as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which is about forcing the issue of women’s sexual liberty on the men who don’t want to give it up or have their sex lives dictated by women.

The question on who should be allowed to “ejaculate respectfully” has been asked so many times in the news lately that it could almost be mistaken for rhetorical filler. The obvious response is, “Yes, it should be up to the woman, not the man.” That answer was first asked of the women in the United States about the topic of abortion in the 60s, by a feminist, Betty Friedan. But it was a man, James H. Boswell, who responded with one word: “Not.”

It is a good thing that today’s progressive men and women recognize the injustice of the “Not” response, but it is a shame that many feel the answer is something so obvious as “Yes, it should be up to the woman, not the man.” But then, why is that?

I know of many women who have engaged in sexual activities with multiple partners, in addition to those they were with during their lives. It is not as though the woman is a virgin at the time of the first intercourse. It’s like going to see the “Cats” movie and being told that it was the first time a cat had ever had sex, and there was nothing else.

What has always bothered me, though, was the woman’s assumption that she should be able to do what she wants with whoever she wants, whenever she wants. For some reason, she always assumed that she was the one who should be allowed to enjoy her sexual pleasure, rather than being forced by her culture to be quiet and mind her own business.

I do have to acknowledge that I have never felt an intimate connection with a woman who is in a sexual relationship with another woman, even though she may have been the one who initiated the relationship. It is a very strange feeling to have done something

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